Investment & Trading

Investment & Trading

According to BEM Technology Group interests in inventing and using new creative technologies in mining exploration there are performing studies on market, new technologies, methods and products, because we know it is necessary to have a successful collaboration with other mining world activists and to invest in various related projects in both industrial and academic sectors in order to be an effective element in this field.

As our major field of activities and based on our capabilities and experiences we invest in mining section in various parts of the world. BEM tries to expand its working capital by performing valuable investments in outstanding and distinguished mines, mining and related industries. Besides investing in mining projects, BEM has currently invested in technological projects too.

Our team is interested in involving the mining exploration and related technologies projects in the form of partnerships or ownership. Considering our knowledge and expertise, we try to join reputable international investors in profitable and risky science and technology projects.

As a pioneer company, BEM Technology Group has entered to the trading world in its own field of expertise. Thus, as well as other activities of our company, BEM plays its own roll in minerals and base metals business and related profitable transactions. Furthermore, depending on the needs of target society, BEM can supply raw materials and various products.

Today our company is ready for supplying mineral materials for different sectors and is eager to participate in valuable deals.