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About Us


BEM was founded in 2011 under the name of NGS Co. with the main purpose of scientifi­c methods research & development for industrial aims. In 2016 NGS Co. has changed its goal to focus on BEM technology and change its name to BEM TECH. This company is working on new and creative technologies in exploration field. Also BEM group is eager to invest, cooperate and join in profitable mining projects which are in exploration phase.

One of BEM Technology Group most successful products was founding and establishing the new method of broadband electromagnetic frequency domain geophysical VLF method. BEM method is a strong approach for investigation of subsurface structures which is using complicate elements that are associated with electromagnetic components of subsurface particles which react to electromagnetic wave in VLF band. BEM group due to its unique technology has provided to shallow and deep ground water exploration, metallic and nonmetallic exploration, fault detection and any anomaly that exist in subsurface worldwide. Here is a brief review about the philosophy of this method to see where it comes from.

Various geophysical methods are used in order to prospect oil and gas exploration and mineral deposits with a main goal which is determination of subsurface materials characteristics without direct observation. Each one of these surveys has their own cons and pros, capabilities and limitations which should be considered in decision making process of a geophysical investigations program.

As a comprehensive approach, BEM provides better understanding in investigation of layers that can lead to a more successful exploration. There are highlight points that convinced researcher to work on this method. BEM method is capable in all metallic, non-metallic and even playa regions. Plus, it has portability in insurmountable places and as well as this, supporting with a transmitter enables this field researchers to analyze the area whenever they prefer during a day.

BEM team accomplished analytical solution of the equations in wave processing accurately which is not observed other methods. It is noticeable that BEM, depending on the preferable type of study region and target can use wave packages instead of following others which study the frequencies one by one. In addition to the characteristics that can be obtained from other EM methods, BEM can provide data about the dielectric coefficient and in some cases estimate material type.

BEM with its high sensitive receiver (-140db) can work with frequency range from 100 Hz to 40 KHz and separate subsurface layers based on resistivity. It is sensitive to nonconductive layer, able to increase power of intensity to investigate deeper and match with other EM devices.

Today many projects in this company are in process based on this method and numerous successful ones have been already performed.